Cosmic Impersonalism

Cosmic impersonalism is a view of reality that sees all things, including God, as fundamentally one, which may be called the Universe or Reality, where such names are capitalized to indicate their ultimacy. This monistic view can be pictured as one circle, which contains everything, including God. Practically, this subjects all things, including God, to an ultimate reality that is impersonal. This in turn causes the collapse of knowledge into uncertainty since there is no person, including God, who has exhaustive knowledge about all things. This in turn causes a collapse in ethics, that is, in what is believed about right and wrong since there is no ultimate authority who can declare what is right or wrong. Those who obtain sufficient power then enforce their views of right and wrong on others. But this only leads in time to further disintegration of society as others obtain power and repeat the cycle over and over until all that is left is death. The kingdomcultural alternative to cosmic impersonalism is cosmic personalism. 

Also see Certain Knowledge, Cosmic Personalism, and Mediatorial Authority.