A Council that has more than one member elects one of its members to be its Presiding Member. A Council is free to elect who serves as their Presiding Member as often as it deems it necessary in order to optimally place a person in that role who has the particular gifts and capacities best fit for the season of growth and ministry that the jurisdiction is in. If the number of members of a Council grows beyond 12, then the Council elects from among their members an Executive Team that in turn elects from among their members a Presiding Member. While the convention or tool of voting may be used in an election of Executive Teams and of Teams’ Presiding Members, voting is never used as a substitute for consensus decision-making. In fact, the only time that the tool of voting is ever used to aid the consensus decision-making process is in the election of Executive Teams and their respective Presiding Members.

Also see Abbey, Consensus Decision-Making, Council, Head, and Presiding Member.