Equal Authority Different Functions

“Equal value and different functions” is the covenantal idea that in God’s order of things each person or part of a whole is of equal importance, value and authority while having different functions, roles or capacities. This is a foundational component of kingdomculture in all its expressions. For example, a kingdomcultural approach to the roles of men and women is that they are of equal value, but different in function. The countercultural Traditionalist approach to the roles of men and women emphasizes the differences in function between men and women and then claim that the functions of men are of greater value. The Egalitarians make the opposite error by emphasizing the equal value of men and women (which is true – men and women have equal value), but then jump to the wrong conclusion that they should therefore have equal functions in all areas of life, including in matters of the collective governance of home, Church and state. Failure to recognize the principle of “equal value and different functions” is the source of numerous false dichotomies for which kingdomculture is the solution.

See Consensus Decision-Making, Egalitarianism, Emphasis, “Governing Roles of Men and Women in Basileia,” and Traditionalism.