Law of God

The idea of Christian civilization apart from the abiding validity of the Law of God is a myth. For the Law of God has abiding validity in all ages and cultures as the only ministerial standard by which Christ's governance through His Church in all areas of thought and life gives rise to Christian civilization. To reject the abiding validity of the God’s Law is to reject the Kingdom of God and embrace the Kingdom of Man as the only viable form of society for history. This is the subcultural and countercultural view. In contrast, the kingdomcultural view regards the Kingdom of Man as something, not to be retreated from or revolted against, but as something to be replaced altogether. Thus a superior standard “from above” is needed for determining the knowledge of good and evil in order to replace the inferior standard “of this world” in common to all variations of the Kingdom of Man. That standard is the Law of God. It’s the standard of the Kingdom of God in both the Old and New Covenant eras. Thus Christ, in preaching the good news of the gospel of the Kingdom, forbids us to even begin to think that He has come to abolish the Law in this New Covenant era. He came to put the Kingdom of Man and its perversions of the Law on ice, not the Kingdom of God and the right and proper use of the Law.

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