While in general all members of a Fellowship participate in an order of Christian life that models a new, missional and apostolic monasticism for the 21st century, some members choose more intensive and total forms and modes of our Basileian way of life than do others. One mode is not more “spiritual” or “better,” than another. Each has its honored place in the whole life of a Basileia Community. Nevertheless, some members choose forms and modes of community life that are more totally shared seven days a week for a season or even for a lifetime. The men, women and families dedicated to these more intensive and total forms of community life live by a common Rule that defines them as an extended ecclesial family in relation to a Fellowship or Abbey. The Rule of such a monastic ecclesial family describes in what particular ways they aim to share life together in regards to prayer, study and work, and how others may join them for a season or for life. Their Rule may also define how they collectively own and manage businesses and properties as well as financial mechanisms for providing for their members in their passive income years.

Also see Familial.