Orthodox and Charismatic

The Orthodox and Charismatic stream of the Church emphasizes God’s revelation of the Word according to the Spirit. If this is done by highlighting the unique function or mode by which the Spirit reveals the Word while at the same time maintaining the equal ultimacy of the revelation of the Word via sacrament and in Scripture, then this builds up the Church as a communion. But when the revelation of the Spirit is made the only authority or a more ultimate authority than the revelation of the Word through sacrament and in Scripture and is autonomously used to interpret all things according to a Two-Source View of authority, as with “Solo” Scriptura and Qualified Infallibility, then this tears down the Church through the dynamic of denominationalism.

Also see Emphasize, Evangelical and Reformed, Liturgical and Sacramental, Qualified Infallibility, Sola Scriptura, “Solo” Scriptura, and Two-Source View.