To be missional is to be sent; it is to be apostolic. The whole Church is by nature apostolic and therefore missional, not just some parts of the Church or some people, like evangelists or missionaries. Basileia recognizes that all believers are equally called to be missional, not just believers who are evangelists or missionaries. Thus we reject the “local church” and “mission church” false dichotomy and embrace a way of being the Church that is apostolic. This is particularly brought into focus in our Basileia Communities where what some may think are “local church” expressions (i.e., our Fellowships) and “mission church” expressions (i.e., our Chapters), operate together as one and do so without geographic limits. This is “The Celtic Way of Evangelism.” Thus Basileia is missional in how we worship, live and govern ourselves. Our charism as expressed in every part of our Constitution is missional through and through.

Also see Apostolic, Celtic Christianity, the book The Celtic Way of Evangelism, Missional Council, Missional Initiative, and “The Capital C Church.”