Missional Council

A Missional Council of a Basileia jurisdiction leads and administers the diaconal functions of equipping and releasing leaders of missional initiatives. Missional Councils complement the roles of Presbyter Councils and Deacon Councils in providing leadership to one of the three major areas of the life of Basileia, namely, the area of apostolic mission, which each jurisdiction participates in. Until Commissioned Governing Members are raised up and to lead Missional Councils, Presbyters and Deacons are authorized to do so. But after Commissioned Governing Members are appointed, Presbyters and Deacons join with other baptized members in diaconal service to these Missional Councils. Basileia has the following six types of Missional Councils:

  1. Alliance Missional Council.
  2. Community Missional Councils.
  3. Fellowship Missional Councils.
  4. Abbey Missional Councils.
  5. Society Missional Councils.
  6. Chapter Missional Councils.

 Also see Missional, and Missional Initiatives.