Two or more things that are perspectivally related re-present the same thing from different angles or perspectives. This way of looking at things is basic to kingdomculture since the nature of God Himself as Trinity is foundational to the order of created reality. With the Trinity, for example, while God is One Person, He is also Three Persons who each perspectivally re-present uniquely the whole of who God is. While we as creatures will never exhaustively understand this like God Himself does, by revelation we can truly understand it and then by choice make it the solid basis of our certain knowledge in this and all areas of thought and life. Other applied examples of perspectivalism include the three complementary expressions of the Church in Convergence, the three complementary expressions of the Body of Christ, the three complementary basic offices of mankind as priest, prophet and king. Examples of perspectivalism practically applied to Basileia include the fact that our Liturgy, Catechism and Canons are all interdependent and ultimately identical, not in form, but in meaning.

Also see Certain Knowledge, Convergence, Emphasize, and Mystery.