Presbyter Councils

A Presbyter Council is a governing body of Presbyters of a jurisdiction authorized to do only two things governmentally: 1) guard the Constitution of Basileia and 2) admit and remove members. Presbyter Councils govern in a complementary fashion with Deacon Councils and Missional Councils. While the functions of a Presbyter Council may initially be handled by a founding Presbyter of a jurisdiction, as the jurisdiction grows the convention of employing an Executive Team will be needed in managing the consensus decision-making process among groups of Presbyters numbering, in general, more than 12. Basileia has the following six types of Presbyter Councils:

  1. Alliance Presbyter Council.
  2. Community Presbyter Councils.
  3. Fellowship Presbyter Councils.
  4. Abbey Presbyter Councils.
  5. Society Presbyter Councils.
  6. Chapter Presbyter Councils.

 Also see Deacon Councils, Missional Councils, and Presbyter.