Vocational Assemblies

Vocational Assemblies are a prophetic form of assembling as the Church in vocational Eucharistic celebrations such as weddings and funerals and, in Basileia, also in the membership ceremonies of Chapters. In the Old Covenant era such assemblies took the form of Levites assembling with Israelites in their local areas in order to holistically empower them in obedience to the Word of God, particularly in the peoples’ specific areas of vocation. In the context of the Church as an Ecclesial City, Vocational Assemblies are one of the three main types of assemblies that make the Church a City on a hill, the other two being Festival Assemblies and Community Assemblies. In Basileia, while Presbyter Councils and Missional Councils play a role in Vocational Assemblies, the Deacon Councils play a leading prophetic role in Basileian Vocational Assemblies such as the Eucharistic membership ceremonies of Chapters and all other pastoral Rites of Incorporation.

Also see Deacon Councils, Ecclesial City, Festival Assemblies, Rite of Incorporation, and Vocational Tithe.