Vocational Tithe

Basileians who are members of one or more Chapters, submit their Vocational Tithes* to the Chapter or Chapters proportionally. If they are not members of one or more Chapters, then they submit their Vocational Tithes to one or more Chapters they select from their home Fellowship. In the Old Covenant era the Vocational Tithe was paid to the non-priestly, local Levites who in turn paid a tenth to those Levites descended from Aaron who served as priests in the Temple (Num. 18-21-24, 26-28; Neh. 10:38). The bulk of the Vocational Tithe financed the non-priestly, local Levites in their three main functions as (1) composers and musicians of worship (2) teachers of God's word applied to all areas of thought and life, and (3) officers and judges of the people. Thus the Vocational Tithe finances the priestly, prophetic and kingly services of Levites in holistically equipping the people in the midst of their daily lives. Basileians therefore likewise submit their Vocational Tithes to vocational Chapters that function as 21st equivalents to the roles performed by Levites in days past.

Also see Community Tithe, Festival Tithe, and Tithe.