Contemplative Prayer Resources

Open Mind, Open Heart: The Contemplative Dimension of the Gospel by O.C.S.O. Keating Thomas. This book is designed to initiate the reader into a deep, living relationship with God. Written by an acknowledged spiritual master, the book moves beyond “discursive meditation and particular acts to the intuitive level of contemplation.” Keating gives an overview of the history of contemplative prayer in the Christian tradition, and step-by-step guidance in the method of centering prayer.

“Contemplative Prayer: What It Is and Ways to Practice It” by Abbot Boyd W. Morris. A guide to contemplative prayer originally prepared for a weekend retreat that utilizes Open Mind, Open Heart by Keating.

The Way of a Pilgrim. A modern classic of pilgrimage and prayer of an anonymous pilgrim's experiences praying the “Jesus Prayer” across Russia and into Siberia. The Jesus Prayer is an expression of contemplative prayer in the eastern Christian tradition.