Observe the Constitution Resources

Constitution of Basileia. Pages 2-12 are an overview of the entire Constitution. From there, see especially the section on structure and governance and the Glossary. The structure and governance section gives an overview of the collective jurisdictions of which Basileia is composed and within which individual members find the place to function in their respective governing roles in the Council of the Lord. Because of Basileia’s precise and at times unique vocabulary, the Glossary for many is helpful to read through on its own first before reading other sections of the Constitution.

Fountainhead of Federalism: Heinrich Bullinger and the Covenantal Tradition by Charles S. McCoy and J. Wayne Baker. This is an important work for restoring the false dichotomy that the “covenant” has to do with “theological” matters for Sunday while “federal” (which is based on foedus, Latin for “covenant”) has to do with the rest of life Monday through Saturday. This book shows how a more integrated or kingdomcultural understanding of the covenant was rediscovered in some parts of the Church 400 years ago and is the “fountainhead” of much of the freedom, liberty and prosperity unleashed in these last centuries.

That You May Prosper by Ray R. Sutton. Sutton shows how the fivefold nature of the covenant is the underlying pattern that shapes all societies and communities. Either the covenant pattern follows what is revealed “from above” and results in life or it is twisted according to the pattern that is “of this world,” resulting in death. This book is helpful in understanding the biblical foundations under Basileia’s charism as expressed in Liturgy, Catechism and Canons.