Society of Educators

Through the realm of education the Society of Educators imagines, cultivates and launches kingdomcultural initiatives and communities.  

The Society of Educators is a global fellowship of friends from diverse backgrounds united on the epic, kingdomcultural quest with Christ and His Church to make all things new by destroying evil and restoring all things ruined by evil in and through the vocational area of education.

We are an apostolic society, meaning that through the laying on of hands our members participate in a 2,000-year spiritual lineage of unbroken succession to Christ and His apostles. 

If the Society is likened to a "tribe" of the Church, then our Chapters are "clans." Members of Chapters may or may not be from the same geographic area and thus may be linked virtually.

In our adherence to the Constitution of Basileia we also affirm that the following documents express elements of the collective wisdom of the Church revealed by the Holy Spirit adequate to serve as a confessional basis for our unity, dialogue and action in the mission of incarnating the kingdom of God in the vocational areas of business and economics:

We cultivate the disciplines of a basileian lifestyle in our educational quest bring every thought captive to the obedience of Christ to demolish strongholds that set themselves up against the knowledge of God in order that in His light we may see light (Ps 36:9). 

Members of Chapters as well as whole Chapters constantly form various associations and initiatives on both a short-term on a long-term basis to advance the kingdom of God in the vocational area of education. For example, Society members may start schools, hold educational seminars, sponsor retreats, publish books, create media campaigns, shape legislation, host worship and prayer events, recruit additional members and so on.

Chapters of the Society