Ben Hickenlooper

Ben Hickenlooper has been a member of Basileia since 2004  where he serves as an intercessor with the Abbey of St John. Ben and Boyd have known each other since 1981, beginning in their college years at George Fox University. They have prayed together most Tuesday mornings these last three decades.

Ben founded and owns a wholesale nursery (Hickenlooper Gardens), which specializes in perennials (i.e., hardy flowers) for shade.

Ben considers it a great honor to have led worship music in Baptist, Nazarene, Church of God, and Friends churches and currently leads worship music at Jefferson Baptist Church in Jefferson, Oregon. He gets excited when real corporate prayer and worship happens. His vision for the Church is "heaven on earth every time we gather together for worship." Ben says, "If I don't experience being transported to heaven in worship, I consider it a failure." 

Ben married Jill in 1986. They have three children: Caleb, Joy, and Hannah. He has a Batchelor of Arts in Music from George Fox University and a Master of Arts in Music Ministry from Western Seminary. 

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