Kingdom Superheroes



Our Manifesto

  • We believe collapsing civilizations are the problem for which colonies of heaven are the solution. 
  • In the darkness we say, “Let there be light.” 
  • We dare to imagine all things in our good yet broken world restored.
  • We assemble.
  • We cultivate wisdom in the secret places of the world where heroes gather, not to be noticed, but to map dangerous paths of obedience into the heart of darkness, knowing the cost.
  • We fear no evil, not even in the Valley of the Shadow of Death because in death we exhaust evil, putting death to death.
  • Resurrection power is not a concept to us, but a reality we have tasted. It tastes like chivalric love triumphant.  (Epic Living, 68)



by Boyd Morris with a Foreword by John Hunt. 

Boyd says in the Preface, 

In my quest to live an epic life, during these last couple decades I’ve discovered something amazing. Parallels exist between the epic structure of ancient and modern superhero stories, and the ageless liturgical pattern of prayer and worship, and the Church Year. Finding and celebrating these parallels has kept my life on an epic track and revolutionized my spiritual journey.

Anymore, I can hardly tell the difference between my feel for Jesus and His Church and the intoxication of imagining new worlds to explore, the power of starships and the beauty of symphonies. While these things are, of course, all distinct, as any scribe can tell you, I feel their similitudes. It is this feeling that compelled me to write this book.

Snag yourself a copy and then, please, join the conversation. As Boyd says on page 17, 

...this book captures the spirit of the numerous conversations over coffee John and I have had about the parallels between heroic stories and heroic spirituality. We conceived of this book as a way to invite more people to join us in these conversations.

Kingdom Superheroes Spirituality in a NutShell

  • Breathe the atmosphere of spontaneous, creative, steady-state spiritual empowerment
  • Rule as the visible, functional agents on earth of a new, transformed humanity
  • Envision a sublime reality shattering the status quo of the present age
  • Walk as bold, dashing, barefoot immortals among mortals on earth
  • Awaken from sleep into a new state of consciousness
  • Shine like the sun in the kingdom of our Father
  • Do justice for the fatherless and the widow
  • Bring good news to the poor
  • Vindicate the oppressed
  • Set prisoners free
  • Heal the sick
  • Love
  • Fear not
  • Exhaust evil
  • Listen to Wisdom
  • Leave angels breathless
  • Crush serpents underfoot
  • Dismantle the gates of Hades
  • Embrace a superhuman destiny
  • Thirst for unexpected adventures
  • Feast with God at the Tree of Life
  • Dwell in the thin places of the earth
  • Exercise chivalric power and authority 
  • Transcend death as sons of the resurrection
  • Release the creation from its bondage to decay
  • Open gateways where angels ascend and descend 
  • Commune with the spirits of just men made perfect
  • Experience purification, illumination, and transfiguration
  • Exceed the valor of the gods and goddesses of myth and legend
  • Steward the cultural, political and economic destiny of mankind on earth
  • Engage in a world-building enterprise of supreme danger, grandeur and reward
  • Advance the aesthetic, intellectual and juridical triumph of chivalric faith over all its foes
  • Cultivate ingodded communities dripping with immortal, sophisticated, spellbindingly beautiful theanthropomorphic adult glory


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Our Map of Heroic Spirituality